Strategy consulting

strategy consulting: strategy is about taking the right direction => to increase shareholder value

  • What is our business now and in the future?
  • Analysis, design, measures, quantification, plausibility
  • Business, environment, competition
  • Strategic business areas – segmentation
  • Assortment policy, R & D strategy development, new markets, organization, financial base, risk assessment
  • Megatrends, STEP analysis
  • SWOT analysis: financial, market, employees, processes
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Strategic Options
  • Development of business strategies


Creation of business plans: Quantitative Milestones = guideline for operational activities

  • support for and guidance of the operational management in the preparation and formulation of business strategies which are supported by figures, the Business Plan
  • the business will be segmented into key strategic business units (BU)
  • Business plans are based on the market potential of each business segment. Pricing policies and market share developments will be forecasted based on the planned market exploitation, the current and expected competition and entry barriers.
  • This results in sales forecasted in quantity, price and value for all business segments.
  • The revenue for each business segment is then calculated based on the relevant flow times.
  • The required capacities in sales, operations and administration can then be calculated.
  • Investments are presented with the appropriate capital requirements and depreciation.
  • Using the cost allocation table (BAB) the relevant capacity / cost is distributed to the business units.
  • This in turn leads to a gradual gross margin calculation which is summarized in a profit and loss account.
  • An essential part is the projected balance sheet which reflects all the investment, capital and net working capital measures.
  • The cash flow (CF) report is generated based on the projected balance sheets.
  • Various evaluation methods complete the picture.


Management Consulting & Organizational Development: set the right framework = from strategy to operational implementation


  • implementation of strategies
  • Structuring of the company in clearly defined strategic business units
  • Implementation of lean customer-and market-oriented processes
  • Development of a business-oriented (international) organizational structure, which reflects all required fiscal and commercial criteria
  • transfer of strategies throughout the organization
  • Setting up a decision-relevant reporting for these structures