Operational consulting

Development and leadership of all budget and FC processes: setting of challenging but accomplishable goals for all areas of the organization.

  • Top-down targets from top management
  • Bottom-up planning of the sales area
  • Investment Planning
  • Capacity planning in operations
  • Planning of support functions
  • Cost-Center Planning / Cost allocation table
  • Results for strategic business units
  • P & L, balance sheet, CF


Design of a controlling-relevant reporting: Provide the information necessary for corporate management in a timely manner and with the necessary level of detail

  • gradual gross margin calculation for strategic business units
  • Pre- / Post calculation on project level
  • Monthly results for strategic and geographic units
  • Benchmarking
  • key-figures
  • Dashboard


Introduction of cost accounting: which areas run at what cost and who is responsible for the management of the costs

  • design of a cost centre structure
  • Cost allocation sheet
  • Cost accounting


Liquidity planning and management: ensuring there is always sufficient liquidity

  • In the short term on a weekly basis and document level
  • In the medium term by creating projected balance sheets and cash flow
  • Strategic liquidity planning (scenario presentation at project level, alternative uses of funds and alternative funding)


Introduction of a performance-based salary system: align business and employee goal = lead employees with the right goals

  • break down business objectives to employee goals
  • one system for different areas and levels
  • corporate, group and individual goals
  • yearly and / or quarterly payments
  • stable basic system with flexible annual adjustment
  • strong performance tangent with appropriate threshold value
  • flexibility of possibilities and easy to administer